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What’s New

I’m working on my website, working on a few stories, and all around adjusting to being an empty nester. Strange days ahead…

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Why Solarpunk?

In a few days, Alyssa K. Watson’s interview with me on Carbon Culture Review will no longer be featured, replaced by an interview with Alia Gee or Claudie Arsenault. Not sure who’s next, but I’m excited. I’m looking forward to reading the opinions of other writers on this genre.  Writers, artists, innovators, philosophers, scientist–we influence […]

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My #WeNeedDiversity contribution is posted under my bio–both the image and my essay about what it means to be a person of mixed race and mixed cultural heritage. But I realized that people might not get why I chose to do a poster about Oscar the Red. Oscar turned a year on October 18th, which […]