Oscar the Red

Oscar the Red BT & Diversity

Oscar the Red Boston Terrier supports diversity anywhere, anytime, and in everything. We’re sure of this because Oscar will drag anyone holding his leash over and under and through anything to say hi to a new person. No matter race or creed. He’s also fond of cats, turtles, squirrels, and other woodland creatures, although we suspect his fondness might have to do with something other than just wanting to say hello.

Oscar the Red turned a year on October 18th, which basically means that half of the time he’s a lot like a puppy, and the rest of the time he’s a lot like an adolescent. He’s our third dog, our first puppy, and our second Boston Terrier. Our first two dogs were rescues, one of which was a Boston Terrier named Scooter. He was easily identified as a BT because of his black and white coat that made him look as though he wore a tuxedo. In personality and looks he was a gentlemanly dog.

Oscar lifeguard wmOscar on the other hand…well he’s still a puppy. We won’t know for a while who he’s really going to be, but so far, he’s half-adorable and half-rascal. Oscar is also very different from Scooter in the color of his coat. He’s not tan–although there are tan Boston Terriers. And he’s not brown…although, he’s been called that. But what he’s mostly been called by people who don’t know is a list of other things. Is he a bulldog puppy? Is he a boxer puppy? Is he a french bulldog? And the one consistent remark we get from people is–I didn’t know they (BT’s) came in brown/red/tan.

Oscar poses like a model wm

Oscar at Six Months

When people ask about Oscar’s red coat, I tell them that BT’s come in many colors including brindle, tan, blue, and lilac. I share this information as if it’s the coolest thing that they asked, because it is–because they’re sharing their curiosity and wonder. What a gift. And I often find that they’re just as delighted to learn that little tidbit of information.

This is why Oscar and I support diversity not just in books, but in all media. People don’t know what they don’t see or read about. And what they don’t know about they think doesn’t exist.

For more about how this affects our worldview culturally, please read my blog article, We Need Diverse Books.

I’ll be sharing more photos of Oscar and his antics as I get them, so visit when you can.