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“If your dream were to compose music, would you say to yourself: ‘I’ve heard a lot of symphonies . . . I can also play the piano . . . I think I’ll knock one out this weekend’?” Robert McKee, STORY

Page Buttons-WWe’ve all been told that to learn how to write you have to read a lot. But that’s not enough. To paraphrase McKee: To learn how to write from reading, you would have to read every available genre and many different authors to get a sense of the choices you have in writing. Until then you’re just mimicking someone else’s solutions to the question of how to.

I found that I grew as a writer when I learned what the questions and principles of the craft were. Then I could read knowing what to look for. When I  began to see how many different choices authors have, I realized every choice is often, at best, a compromise. When I realized that choice is also a matter of authorial style, that’s when I began to develop my own voice.

On the road to publication there were some awesome people who helped me understand not only the craft but the process and the magic. I’m going to add people as I can, so please check back often.


CRAFTLaura Baker
Writing coach Laura Baker is an award winning writer, teacher, and coach. Her Discovering Story Magic and Fearless Writer courses will will help you explore your strengths as a writer as well as develop the best story possible. You can find out about her workshops and appearances at

Mary Buckham
Mary Buckham is a pacing phenom.  You can find Mary’s books and more info on her workshops on her website

Laurie Schnebly Campbell
Writing guru Laurie has amazing workshops on everything from how to develop a 3D character to how to finish the book. You can find out about her books and workshops at

Margie Lawson
Margie’s EDITS system is one of the best tools for analyzing what’s on the page and how to improve it. It’s also one of the best tools for analyzing genre expectations. Visit

Lisa Pietsch
I’m reading Lisa’s soup-to-nuts manual The Social Meida Superstar Handbook. This book will take you from no website to managing all of your social media in just thirty minutes a day. Visit her at .

Writer’s University
The authors at WriterUniv are always offering inexpensive workshops that address novice and experienced writers. Sign up for workshops at


STORY by Robert McKee (ISBN# 0-06-039168-5)
GOAL, MOTIVATION & CONFLICT by Debra Dixon (Gryphon Printing)
THE FIRST FIVE PAGES by Noal Lukeman (ISBN# 068485743X)

The Passive Voice  – I laughed, I cried, I’m addicted to this blog. When you don’t have the time to read a lot, this is the blog that gives it to you encapsulated. Get his newsfeed.

Dear Author   – Warning: This site contains adult content and is not suitable for young (in age) writers. However, they do have a keen grasp on the most critical news events in publishing. Again, another great site for when you don’t have the time to read everything.

Brenda Novak’s annual Diabetes Auction happens once a year in the fall.

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