DONOR Backcover Blurb

DONOR Book 1 perfect 8o5x12o306 150dpi

~ * ~

~One drop of her  blood~

The moment when you realize sleeping without a nightlight
did nothing to prepare you
for the dark chasing you into daylight . . .?
Yeah. That.

 ~Could start a war~

Only when I face life on the run alone do I realize
how well Mama trained me to protect myself.
If only she’d had time to explain
why her tears turned to crystals
and what I’m destined to become.

~And bring an end to Humankind~

Now I can trust no one, especially Enoch.
This all started the day he showed up looking for me
and he seems to be everywhere I go—before I get there.
Is he one of the Undying? Or something Other?
The answer may be my deliverance . . .
or make me wish I were dead.

 ~ * ~

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