Donor is for sale everywhere!

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DONOR all four books

Donor all four parts of the serialized novel.

You can now buy DONOR as both a serial and the full book with all four parts through Sheryl’s Amazon Author page,  Kobo, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.


Donor Shreya's Chronicles Book 1

Donor (Shreya’s Chronicles Book 1) is a  serialized SolarPunk fantasy romance that features a kick butt heroine. Book 1 follows Shreya’s journey from an ordinary sixteen- year-old girl living in upstate Louisiana to a fugitive on the run from the law, the unlawful, and those beyond any natural laws known to Humankind.

This book includes Donor Part1: The Heart of the Enemy, Donor Part 2: A Jeweled City, Donor Part 3: A Silver-Lined Grave, and Donor Part 4: The Heart of the Enemy.

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One drop of her blood

The moment when you realize sleeping without a nightlight did nothing to prepare you for the dark chasing you into daylight…?
Yeah. That.

Could start a war

Only when I face life on the run alone do I realize how well Mama trained me to protect myself. If only she’d had time to explain why her tears turned to crystals and what I’m destined to become.

And bring an end to Humankind

 Now I can trust no one, especially Enoch. This all started the day he showed up looking for me and he seems to be everywhere I go—before I get there. Is he one of the Undying? Or something Other? The answer may be my deliverance… or make me wish I were dead.

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