DONOR Parts Simplified

Donor Shreya's Chronicles Book 1

DONOR Shreya’s Chronicles Book 1

DONOR was first offered as a serialized novel in four parts as a way of introducing my novel to new readers. But what I found happening is that readers thought each part was a full novel unto itself. Now I see there were things I could have done differently to make it clearer. All in all, the effort was a great learning experience, but to make things simpler, I’ve decided to offer only the full novel. I may eventually try serializing another novel. It was fun releasing a book in parts. But right now with limited time to manage so many moving pieces, I’d decided to keep it simple.

Thank you to everyone who helped me learn so much from this wonderful experiment. The full novel DONOR can be found  on my  Amazon Author, Kobo, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble pages.


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