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DONOR Part 1: A Bat Out of Hell

Please don’t buy my debut novel Donor Part 1: A Bat Out of Hellunless you want to read a YA SolarPunk Fantasy. Instead lend me your words…

If you’re a friend or a colleague that was the request you saw from me today in an email or in a post on my social media because your words mean more to me than money ever can. Instead of paying for a book that you or yours may never read, I’d rather you take a moment to mention it to someone. You don’t have to say much, simply saying, “Hey, a friend of mine (a friend of a friend, neighbor, colleague, some lady) has a SolarPunk book on Amazon for sale. Solarpunk’s a new genre—check it out. Search for Sheryl Kaleo or solarpunk  (one or two words is fine) in books on Amazon.”

Sure, if you really want to read about kick butt heroines who are on the run from leechers and cyborg policemen and human-trafficking thugs in a nonapocalyptic-yet-futuristic world, then please buy my book. And if, and only if, you do read my book… please share what you think. Just the truth is fine. If you’re a friend or colleague, please mention that you are. Most readers appreciate full disclosure and are savvy enough to know when someone’s really read the book and where that person is coming from in terms of his/her opinion.

But to my friends who aren’t interested in reading that sort of thing, save your money and tell someone, or even better, mention it to three people … or more if you like. Spread the word, that’s golden.

~ * ~

Donor Part 1: A Bat Out of Hell

One drop of her blood

The moment when you realize sleeping without a nightlight did nothing to prepare you for the dark chasing you into daylight…?
Yeah. That.

Could start a war

Only when I face life on the run alone do I realize how well Mama trained me to protect myself. If only she’d had time to explain why her tears turned to crystals when we parted, and what I’m destined to become.

And bring an end to Humankind

 Now I can trust no one, especially Enoch. This all started the day he showed up looking for me and he seems to be everywhere I go—before I get there. Is he one of the Undying? Or something Other? The answer may be my deliverance… or make me wish I were dead.

 ~ * ~

A Bat Out of Hell is book one in the serialized SolarPunk fantasy YA series DONOR.  Here’s an Excerpt and it’s available exclusively on Amazon’s Kindle Select. Look for Shreya’s continued adventures in Donor Part 2: A Jeweled City (available October 2013), Donor Part 3: A Silver Lined Grave (October  2013), and Donor Part 4: The Heart of the Enemy (October  2013).

For more books as they come available, visit Sheryl’s Amazon page.


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