Page Buttons-P“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Thomas Merton

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Drawing is intuitive  to me, and therefore difficult when I try to separate the craft from the creative impetus. But through writing, I’ve found that I can now step back and analyze my artwork, which gives me opportunities for improving my skills.

Some of my work are based on the stories I write. Some are done on canvas. Some are done in photoshop or illustrator. And I’ll even be sharing work I’ve done on furniture. Please visit often.


~DONOR (Shreya’s Chronicles Book 1)~

DonorBook1perfectworld8o5x505Shreya’s Chronicles is set in a SolarPunk world where the walls between dimensions separates the world of the Djinn and the Others from the Human world. Some of the fantastical creatures that live in this world are Humankind made, such as Cyborgs and Leechers…with a little help from the DJinn. Others come from over there. And some of them come from what happens to those who come over to the Human world from over there and don’t quite make it…

DONOR all four books

Donor, the first book in Shreya’s Chronicles was offered as one book and as four serialized parts. The four part serial is no longer available.

ShadowHound onlineEach books contains a different image on their title and dedication pages. Between the five Donor books there are ten illustrations and five covers.

The Shadow Hounds are hungry beasts made up of Shadows that have globbed together and are working as one. From Donor Part 1: A Bat Out of Hell.

policebot online

Bots range in size from tennis-balls to as large as basketballs. They do everything from cleaning to spying, usually by the government. The police bots are armed with deadly lazers. From Donor Part 3: A Silver-Lined Grave.

Enochscarddrawing SKeyeofimagination DaisRiderinNYC

These next three pictures are from left to right: Enoch’s Card (Donor Part 2:The Jeweled City), Eye of Imagination (Author’s Bio at the end of the book), and Dais Rider (Donor Part 2: The Jeweled City).

For more about Donor or to read an excerpt go here. And you can now buy Donor as both a serial and the full book with all four parts through Sheryl’s Amazon Author page, Kobo, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.

More to come. Stay tuned…

~Deal with an Angel~

Background image 2Deal with an Angel was made in the style of Japanese Light Novels, which is to say it’s part graphic novel and part novella. It’s set in a SolarPunk world. Fifteen-year-old Hetta has just been made an offer by an angel, an offer she can’t resist. But things aren’t what they seem and she’s about to find out that making a deal with an angel is pretty much the same as making a deal with a devil…with one important difference. (Coming Soon.)

~ Tangling ~

first comp tangle 11061I also create artwork called tangles using the Zentangle method. For more information or for more tangles visit my Tangles page. Tangles are repetitive strokes that combine to form patters which build into artwork. It can be used as a meditative process.

For more pictures, please visit my Pinterest page – www.pinterest.com/sherylkaleo/