Random Doodles

Page Buttons-RDo you journal your art work or your writing? I’ve been trying to get into the habit of writing down what I do and when and why, including the inspiration for my work. But quite often a lot of what I do is just random, waiting in line sort of art. I’ll share what I can here, but I’ll also be sharing on my Pinterest page – www.pinterest.com/sherylkaleo/.

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9/18/14 My daughter showed me a cute picture of an owl as I was writing. All through the evening that image of the owl stuck with me.



11/24/14 Came across Zenspiration Doodles by Joanne Fink. Some really neat ideas in her book, so I ordered it and asked for the other three as an xmas present. There are so many cool people in the world with so many different ideas.

WhiteWinterHymnalsong11/22/14 Sitting at my keyboard, waiting for a phone call. Decided to sketch out a rough based on a song. Have you heard White Winter Hymnal by Pentatonix? Creepy, gorgeous, and haunting.