#PITMAD and the Quest

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Today, September 8th, is pitch madness day over at Twitter. I’ll be pitching. After months of being in my writers cave, my story #TheGlassChamber is in the freelance-editor stage and almost ready to go.  If you’re a friend stop by. Don’t retweet or favorite my tweet, but do let me know what you think in a reply or dm. I’d love to have your feedback.

To learn more about #PitchMad
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A helpful guide on pitmad pitching http://writersinthestormblog.com/2014/09/the-ultimate-writers-guide-to-twitter-pitch-contests/

Here’s my three-line pitch for #TheGlassChamber:

(Update: Thanks to Mary Rowen for giving me feedback on my three-line pitch. Here is the much improved version)

Title: The Glass Chamber
Genre: YA Futuristic Romance (Solarpunk)
Length: 100,000 words
Author: Sheryl Kaleo
In a future where every affliction except death has a cure, and lives span centuries rather than decades, the dead and their burial chambers may be pre-sold as collectibles to the highest bidder. Astrid’s artist grandfather just wants a few more months to finish his homage to her grandmother. To save him from prematurely gathering dust on someone’s shelf, Astrid will solve a cold case murder and lose her heart to a cagey street performer who’s harboring secrets about his best friend’s death.





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