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Zentangle-Logo-5x1Zentangle is a unique tool that is being used in many different modalities, from medical applications to stress reduction to personal enrichment and art training. You can find out more about this unique art form at www.zentangle.com.


CZT-logo-smallAs a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), I’ve been trained to teach in the Zentangle Method. I used to be terrible at meditating before I learned the Zentangle method because I could never find the time or sit still long enough. Now every tangle is a meditation, and even fifteen minutes is long enough for me to take the time to meditate.
So what is the Zentangle Method?

Please note: I may borrow from and be inspired by my training as a CZT, but none of the statements I make here are endorsed or formally reviewed by Rick and Maria or anyone on the Zentangle Team. So please don’t hold them responsible. These are only my observations based on my personal practice and the methods I’ve used in teachng others Zentangle.

What Zentangle IS and IS NOT:

IS an adjective that describes a method of meditation and an artform. When you work in the Zentangle method it’s called Tangling.

– IS NOT doodling. Doodling is freeform. Doodling can sometimes have many of the benefits of Tangling. But Tangling is a proven means of achieving those benefits.

IS the repetition of specific lines and arcs that build on one another to form patterns.

– IS NOT drawing. Drawing is a means to an end. In Tangling, the individual lines and the moments within the movements are where you find space to breathe and become quiet. There are no rules, no must look likes, no erasers in Tangling. And definitely there are no mistakes in Tangling.

IS the creation of art through the repetition of patterns that build on and interact with each my first tangleother to form a whole.

– IS a discovery and acknowledgement of the creative impetus inside of each and every one of us. Quite often someone who may have never thought of themselves as artists, find that they can indeed create art.

– IS easy when taught by a Certified Zentangle Teacher.

– IS for everyone, whether or not you’ve ever thought you could meditate or be an artist.

For more about Tangling in the Zentangle Method please visit Zentangle.com.

If you’re interested in learning to Tangle, and you live in the Boston area, please contact me at
sheryl <no space> kaleo <no space> @gmail.com. If you don’t live in the Boston area and would like to learn to Tangle, you can find a list of CZT’s on the Zentangle website www.zentangle.com.

Happy Tangling!