Z ButtonI received my CZT at the Hotel Providence, Providence RI from Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas in October 2014. Four days of fun, great food, great company, and lots of work.  I’ve been tangling ever since. For me Zentangling is a meditation, a creative process, and a practice.

I hope you’ll check back often as I share my work here on this page.


my first tangleMy very first tangle done on 10/26/14 under the guidance of Rick Roberts and Maria Thompson of Zentangle, Inc.




Hotel Provenance2A Zentangle done on the Hotel Provenance’s coaster.  Wonderful people, staff, and fun location right in the heart of Provenance. I hope to go back next year, but this time I’ll plan on seeing the fireboats.




Sheryls journal 2 Sheryls Journal One of the fist things Rick and Maria encourage their teachers to do is to keep a journal of their own tangling process.




Tangles CZT TrainingWe’re also trained on Tangles with Friendsall the mediums they offer. And as a CZT I have access to lesson plans, products, and Zentangle literature.




Tangles with Friends 2This is just the beginning. Once we’re trained, we’re encouraged to practice, learn more tangles, create our own, and of course… teach. What a great way to spend time with friends!

Visit www.Zentangle.com for a list of CZT’s in your area.

Happy Tangling!

Tangling with Friends 4 T& LJPG








More tangles

first comp tangle 11061

First comp tangle 11.6.14