#Solarpunk Poll Update

Last week I posed the question “#Solarpunk what would you do with www.solarpunk.COM and www.solarpunk.ORG? To vote/signup visit www.sherylkaleo.com/solarpunk/.

That poll is still ongoing. There is already a thriving community on http://solarpunks.tumblr.com where ideas, writings, and images are being shared. And the goal is to add to that community in a way that doesn’t supersede what has come before.

41 for solarpunk COMI suggested an ezine for solarpunk.COM in the hopes that such a format could grow to become a magazine that would then reach the hands of a larger audience. I envisioned a collection of informative, scientific, and artistic articles that would bring to its audience the goals and realities of positive futurism. I suggested a bulletin board for solarpunk.ORG with the idea that such a format could become a warehouse for scientific facts and innovations, a discussion board for strategies and goals, and a platform where we could share our creative endeavors.

41 for solarpunk ORGIn my mind, the ultimate goal would be for solarpunk.com to hold a contest each year showcasing and rewarding the best, the brightest, and most innovative of scientific endeavors and artistic realizations. And the ultimate goal for solarpunk.org would be for that site to become a resource for us so we can all make realistic changes in our lives and a resource for teachers and students that would encourage discussions and shape future science fairs to come.

30 volunteersBut these are just my thoughts. And solarpunk is above all about community. It’s for those of us who are fed up and for those of us who believe this is achievable now and in the future. So while I can voice my opinion here on this blog, I also have to honor yours in the comments. For example, Leo said he’d like to see solarpunk.COM become an interactive blog and solarpunk.ORG become “more of an information hub with real life situations and things we can do now to get closer to an optimistic future similar to solarpunk like petitions, DIY tech, informational articles related to topics in solarpunk.” Like Leo, I hope more of you will share you thoughts and ideas, as this poll continues. Ultimately, none of this is achievable without you. To vote, signup, and share your thoughts, visit www.sherylkaleo.com/solarpunk/.

Who am I?

I’ve been writing in the solarpunk genre since 2004. (To read about how I became a solarpunk writer read here.) At the time there didn’t seem to be much interest in it, but I kept writing anyway because I loved the worlds, and I figured sooner or later there had to be other people who loved it, too.

To read the working definition I use for my #solarpunk stories please read my interview by Alyssa Watson on @CarbonCultureR.

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