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The polls are closed. they were left open for a long time as busy schedules made working on the websites impossible. But the polls have been tallied and results are that most people want to see solarpunk.org used as a bulletin board and solarpunk.com as an ezine or blog.

(Updated 1/31/2018)


I’ve got these two domains – solarpunk.com and solarpunk.org. What do you want to see done with them? What can we do to promote this genre and make it happen?

In November of 2014, Jessica Z. of VestorLogic suggested an ezine for one site, and I threw back the possibility of a bulletin board for the other. Now it’s time for your take on it.

If you’re interested in volunteering to make this happen or want to receive an update as we move forward, use the subscribe forms following the poll. We’re going to need leaders and visionaries and idealists and artists and writers and you, whether or not you’re any or all of those things.

If you have an alternate idea for what could be done with the websites, leave a comment down below.

Oh! And mean people? Your comments will simply be deleted.

To volunteer to make this happen or to receive an update as we move forward, subscribe here:

 If this is your first visit to this site and you want to hear more about how I came to Solarpunk, keep reading. If not, thanks for stopping by and taking the poll.
 Who Am I?
 S ButtonIn 2004 I wrote my first solarpunk novel They Also Walk Through Walls. By 2009 I was still hooked on the ideal of perfect worlds, imperfect people and wrote DONOR and published it in 2013, it’s available for sale through Sheryl’s Amazon Author page, Kobo, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.

Somewhere in there I obtained the domains Solarpunk.com and Solarpunk.org.

I wanted a space where like-minded solarpunk enthusiasts could share their ideas and hopes for this genre. I knew early on that solarpunk.com would be dedicated to the arts and literature of an energy clean world. And I’d hoped solarpunk.org would be a kid friendly, science-oriented sandbox where scientists and visionaries could come together and share their thoughts on current and future inventions and more.

Morguefile.com by hotblack

Morguefile.com by hotblack

Then I waited. Knowing you had to be out there. Optimists. Visionaries. Scientists. Writers. Artists. I knew I couldn’t be alone in this.

Well, while I hunkered down in my writing cave, you exploded. You’re everywhere. And yeah, positive futurism rocks. (solarpunks.tumblr.com)


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