Nala, the tan colored pup, is a “miniature boxer”–part Boxer, Boston terrier, and Pug. Oscar is a red Boston Terrier.

Nala is at least ten pounds heavier and eleven inches longer than Oscar, and yet she somehow manages to contort into a small enough shape to fit into the same spaces he does, hence she is my croisant. Oscar is less flexible and a total space hog. He always manages to take up more space than he needs. He’s my tiramisu, on account of his chocolate (reddish) and vanilla coat.

Together they are Croisant and Tiramisu!

Don’t know if you can relate, but I sometimes find myself doing what they do. Sometimes I take up every available inch of space I can. (Too much stuff! Ack! Purge, purge, purge!) Sometimes I  contort to fit a space I was never meant for or I’ve outgrown. Which isn’t so bad if it’s with a friend, but oftentimes I have to ask myself–is it worth it?

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Croisant & Tiramisu.